David district will be safer, it already has 340 video surveillance cameras

The video surveillance camera project in the David district is already one hundred percent operational, after the installation of panic buttons and loudspeakers was completed.

This was reported by the authorities when highlighting that this project has already been launched where people who are in danger or need help from the authorities will be able to press this panic button and immediately communicate with line 104 who will provide them with support. required.

The mayor of the district, Antonio Araúz, said that there are more than 340 cameras that are located at strategic points in David to provide greater security to people who for some reason do not have a telephone or a way to ask the authorities for help.

“There are 10 panic buttons and 20 loudspeakers, available to people who have some security condition, any crime, theft, if the person sees any incident, they can responsibly press the button,” he said.

For her part, Deputy Commissioner Eyra Ramos said that this button works instantly and that when pressed, a camera is focused on whoever is requesting help and is attended by the 104 operators who send units to provide support to those who need it.


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