Caso David de los Santos: Aplazan coerción implicados en muerte

David de los Santos case: coercion involved in death postponed

Defense of accused recuses judge who hears the case.

was postponed to next friday may 20 knowledge of the request for a measure of coercion against those involved in the death of the young man of 24 years, David de los Santos, while in the custody of agents of the National Police in the Naco expansion detachment.

The Public Ministry requests for the accused, three civilians and four uniformed officers one year of preventive detention as a measure of coercion.

“Today it was also set to know an advance of evidence to hear a testimony that is foreign,” said Sánchez.

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The representative of the Public ministry in charge of the case, the prosecutor, Magalys Sanchezinsisted upon his departure from the hearing that the defendants’ defense attorneys use delaying tactics to slow down the process.

Among the “delaying tactics” identified by the Public ministry the recusal of the judge hearing the case was pointed out, at the same time, that the representatives said that the defense attorneys of the accused they were sentenced for reckless litigation to 15 days’ salary from the trial judge.

Another of them was invited to leave the room due to all the delaying tactics that the technical defense has used so that the advance of evidence is not carried out and the measure of coercion is not known.

It is recalled that David de los Santos was arrested after an incident in the Ágora Mall and during his arrest the procedures and protocols established for the arrest of citizens by agents of the National Police were violated.

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