David Choquehuanca: "Democracy is destroying itself for not achieving consensus"

David Choquehuanca: “Democracy is destroying itself for not achieving consensus”

August 6, 2022, 22:41 PM

August 6, 2022, 22:41 PM

David ChoquehuancaVice President of the country, in a message of a little more than 20 minutes, during the honor session for the 197 years of Bolivian independence, highlighted the struggle of the patriots against the invaders, According to the vice president, they sought to erase the original population of the future Bolivia from the map.

Choquehuanca made a journey through the different periods of Bolivian history. He remarked that the nascent republic was articulated under an excluding, racist figure, incapable of allowing instances of dialogue.

The vice president maintained that this conception changed with the awakening of a rebellious conscience that in 2006 modified the way of governing and of understanding that democracy it is destroying itself by not achieving consensus.

The authority warned that in the era of information capitalism, social networks and infocracy reduce people’s needs to data and profiles, which rely on opportunistic algorithms that monitor people’s behavior. Thus, big data seeks to replace ideology, said Choquehuanca.

In this context, he warned that telecracy, infocracy and mediocracy damage democratic communication, pFor this reason, he recommended that it is important to participate plural, where a new consciousness prevails and where our roots outline an inclusive government.

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