Daughters of Óscar Denis await news about his whereabouts after the latest FTC operation

Beatriz Denis, daughter of Óscar Denis, told 1080 AM that they are hoping in God to find out about the whereabouts of the former Vice President of the Republic.

This after the successful operation of the Joint Task Forces (FTC) that ended the life of Osvaldo Villalba, leader of the criminal group.

“We are with that hope placed in God with this is to find something that takes us to dad. Luciano Argüello was one of Dad’s kidnappers. Maybe something can be found, or a cell phone, or an agenda, or something that will lead us to know about dad. If he is still there, or where they left him, the coordinates”, he expressed.

He stated that they always think that when an FTC operation occurs, there will be an indication that will help them reach Denis and the other hostages.

“We always think that when something happens, a fact, that can lead us to a clue to make a mapping to reach the other hostages. It is unofficially commented that there is not much in the backpacks, but you have to see in the vests and in the clothes”, he concluded.

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