Daughters of Juan Lorenzo Holmann demand a call from Ortega with their father

Daughters of Juan Lorenzo Holmann demand a call from Ortega with their father

The daughters of the political prisoner and general manager of the newspaper La Prensa, Juan Lorenzo Holmann Chamorrothey demanded from the administration of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo a phone call with their father, with whom they have not had any kind of communication since last August 14, 2021, when he was arbitrarily detained by the Ortega Police.

“For more than 500 days I have not had any contact with my father Juan Lorenzo Holmann detained in El Chipote, we have not been allowed a single call or send or receive letters,” said Renata Holmann in a video posted on the account from Twitter Ortega’s hostage.

Likewise, another of the daughters of the political prisoner highlighted that “at this time of year the whole family usually gathers together and we have felt a lot of emptiness and the absence of my father, for this reason we ask that our right to have a call with We miss him a lot.”

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“We hope that soon we will hear your voice again,” added Renata, who along with her sister have been subjected by the regime to more than 16 months of forced separation and without the possibility of communicating with their father, Juan Lorenzo Holmann.

The general manager of La Prensa was arrested on August 14, 2021, after the dictatorship raided the La Prensa facilities and took it over. Holmann was sentenced to nine years in prison for the alleged crime of money laundering.

The political prisoner remains imprisoned in a 2×2 meter cell at the Evaristo Vásquez Police Complex, known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, a torture center that the Ortega dictatorship uses to imprison and silence the voices of its critics.

Holmann, during this year you have lost a lot of weight due to a bad diet. His relatives have repeatedly expressed that they fear that he will die confined in “El Chipote” due to the inhumane conditions in which he is held captive.

On August 31, the regime showed Holmann before the official cameras. He looked thinner, with dark circles under his eyes and a lighter skin color. The photographs show the consequences that more than a year of confinement have left on the opponent.

Ortega exhibits Juan Lorenzo Holmann in his attempt to “wash his face”

Faced with this situation, Renata Holmann pointed out that “when the official media circulated photos and videos of my father at the end of August, I could barely recognize him. I saw him fragile and convalescing, thin, revealing the mistreatment to which he is subjected ». She assured that despite this situation her father “remains firm, unwavering, with faith in God, faithful to his values ​​and his commitment to freedom of expression and democracy in Nicaragua.”

The judge Nadia Camila Tardencilla Rodriguezhead of the Second Criminal District Court of Managua, was in charge of sentencing Juan Lorenzo Holmann to nine years in prison for the alleged crime of money laundering and customs fraud.

According to him Mechanism for the Recognition of Political Prisoners, in Nicaragua there are more than 230 opponents imprisoned for political reasons and tried with laws approved months before the presidential elections and branded as repressive by opponents and human rights organizations. All have been victims of torture, according to complaints from their relatives.

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