Daughter of Áñez criticizes that the "flight" of Evo is not mentioned in the trial for the case "blow II"

Daughter of Áñez criticizes that the "flight" of Evo is not mentioned in the trial for the case "blow II"

Carolina Ribera questions that the background of the arrival of Jeanine Áñez to the Presidency is not taken into account. The daughter of the former president regretted that in the middle of the trial for the ‘Coup II’ case neither the resignation nor the “flight” from the country of Juan Evo Morales, after the failed elections of 2019 due to the signs of fraud that were detected from different fronts.

“First of all, we know that this trial is illegal from start to finish. My mother never proclaimed herself, she is being judged arbitrarily on November 10, 11 and 12, but They do not say that there was a precedent to get there, they do not say that Evo Morales fled the country, that there was a power vacuumRivera lamented.

The daughter of the former president observed how justice agrees and takes into account everything that refers to Áñez, for which He branded the system as being biased towards the government party and the complainants, whom he accused of deliberately lying and to misrepresent the truth with “any barbarity”.

The young woman said that it is a shame that the lawyers for the plaintiffs lie in the presentation of their arguments, For example, when indicating that her mother had used the presidential helicopter while she was a senator, she denied that extreme because those days – she said – she was with her mother.

The reinstatement of the hearing for the ‘Coup II’ case is scheduled for this Wednesday at 2:00 p.m., after the recess that was declared on Tuesday due to the fatigue of the judicial authorities.

Meanwhile, the The Ministry of Government joined the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and asks for 15 years in prison for the former president. The process also reaches Áñez’s former collaborators, such as Flavio Arce San Martin and Jorge Mendieta Ferrufino, who are present at the virtual hearings; while Yuri Calderón, Williams Kaliman Romero, Sergio Orellana and Jorge Fernández Torranzo are tried in absentia and have Public Defense as legal assistance.

In the midst of this situation, the president of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights, Amparo Carvajal, questioned the physical presence of Jeanine Añez at the trial is denied case oral.

“Holding an oral trial and not being present before it, anywhere in the world is null because she has the right to be presente” reproached, in addition to criticizing that those related to masismo ask for 30 years in prison for the former president.

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