Darwin Machís could reach Mexican soccer

Grenade Darwin Machis
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Venezuelan soccer player Darwin Machís could come to Mexican soccer with FC Juárez, from Liga MX, after finishing his time with Granada CF in The league Santander of Spain.

This is how it is taken for granted by several Mexican media that reviewed the signing of the Venezuelan winger. As indicated, Machís could sign with Bravos de Juárez, a Liga MX team.

Arrival of Darwin Machís to Mexican soccer

The Mexican media also talk that his participation will be so soon as to play with his new team for the next tournament in Mexico that will start on July 1.

It should be noted that Machis still has a one-year contract with Granada in Spain, so he will be the first to leave that team after relegation to the Second Division.

There is also talk that Juárez would pay three million euros to Granada for the Venezuelan the amount of $3,215,566.81 despite the fact that his contract expires with the Spanish club in 2023.

Juarez, led by Argentine coach Hernán Cristante, has been the team with the worst performance in recent seasons in Mexican soccer, not only seeking the Venezuelan, but also Levante’s 31-year-old Spanish striker, Roger Martí, the newspaper points out. Leader.

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