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Dante Mossi questions sanctions against the Ortega regime: “They are judged without due process”

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Dante Mossi questions sanctions against the Ortega regime: "They are judged without due process"

The executive president of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), Dante Mossicame out in defense of Daniel Ortega, describing as “unfair” the sanctions that this government has received in large part from the United States, an administration that points out the Nicaraguan dictator for maintaining an authoritarian regime that violates the rights of the citizens of his country.

“There is a sanctions regime, although it is unfair because a person is accused and tried without due process, but these are the rules of the international game,” said the Honduran economist in a preview of an interview broadcast by journalist Marcos Medina, from Canal 12 television.

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Mossi added that due to the sanctions against the Ortega government, what CABEI does is look for “protection mechanisms for how we can continue to provide this financing.” The full interview will be broadcast on Monday, July 25, in the noon edition.

Faced with the journalist’s questions about the mechanisms to make the resources allocated to Nicaragua transparent, the executive argued that since he has been in charge of the Presidency of CABEI, he had the “support of the board of directors and the governors to approve an agenda for access to public information by the bank.

«We have an entrance in the bank for requests for information, where you can ask us for all the information you want about the impact of our projects and we gladly give it to you; moreover, in MiPymes (small and medium-sized enterprises) projects we have evidence from the banks », he affirmed.

Questioning for BICE support to Ortega

The political organizations of Nicaragua have pointed out that the financial institution exceeds its support for Daniel Ortega and that this goes “to the detriment of the general guidelines of the bank itself and of the institutions of the Central American Integration System, in terms of governance principles and respect for human rights in the projects to be financed”.

“We observe a new support from the president of CABEI for the Ortega-Murillo policy to rebuild a new pact with private companies. This time CABEI lends itself to being “the carrot” after so much stick offered by Ortega to businessmen, “they criticize.

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Faced with criticism of Mossi for his silence about the more than 190 political prisoners in Nicaragua, he referred in a recent interview to the Voice of America that the financial entity is not an “instance” to denounce human rights and urged opponents to “apply” to the appropriate entities.

“There are appropriate instances (to file complaints) and in this case CABEI is not a human rights instance. I would urge people who have validated claims or not, to go to these instances to expose their cases », he pointed out.

On July 12, the steamroller of Sandinista deputies in the National Assembly authorized the Executive to negotiate a loan with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) for 200 million dollars to reduce the impact of the increase in fuel prices on the Nicaraguan economy. . This is one of the many financings of the banking entity to the Nicaraguan dictatorship.

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