Danilo Medina asks for reflection on violence

Danilo Medina asks for reflection on violence

The former president of the Republic and president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Daniel Medinadid not touch on political issues this Sunday and, instead, called for reflection on the events of violence that affect the country and at the same time asked the militancy of that political organization to help so that harmony, respect and dialogue reign in their communities.

When giving a speech at a ceremony for the swearing-in of new members of that party in the Multiuso de Lost Savannahin North Santo Domingo, Medina said that society is going through difficult times, so these acts of violence they must lead to reflection and lean toward solidarity and understanding among Dominicans.

“Our country and our citizens need peace, serenity, calm and to stop living in fear. They need to regain confidence and calm. And for that, the collaboration of everyone, absolutely everyone, is urgent,” he said.

The former president maintained that a few violent people will not be able to tarnish the good name of an entire happy, hard-working and hospitable people.

“Today I want to ask each one of you and all the PLD supporters who listen to me one thing: that you be, at all times and places, an example of harmony, respect and love for others,” Medina said in a brief speech.

Medina also asked to put aside any difference, criticism or fight.

“Let’s focus on what really matters, on everything that unites us as a people and as human beings. Let’s stop along the way and think only of the good of the country, of carrying a message of hope and faith in the future, wherever we go”, he stressed.

He asked the followers of that party, without expecting anything in return, to try to help as much as they can so that harmony, respect and dialogue reign.

“Let us all extend a helping hand, an affectionate word and a comforting hug wherever it is necessary, without paying attention to partisan colors or labels of any kind. In our ability to overcome adversity, to get ahead and, above all, to work together. For this reason, today I ask you: Let’s sow optimism, ”she said.

swearing in

Medina spoke in those terms in an act in the Multiuso de Lost Savannahin Santo Domingo Norte, in which, according to the PLD and the leaders of that organization, 19,350 new members were sworn in as part of the “Adding Stars” initiative.

The swearing-in was in charge of Medina; of the Secretary General, Charlie Mariotti. Leaders of that organization in North Santo Domingo also attended.

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