Danilo and Abel

Danilo and Abel

As a result of the selection of Abel Martínez as presidential candidate of the PLD, the opinions of what his political and electoral strategy should be to remove the purple party from the third place in which it is, according to reliable surveys, which have reached La Pizarra, are at the order of the day.

It seems that the politicians for this half of the island are calling for a brainstorming session, based on what “everyone” thinks. But nothing new in this country that loves politics and baseball and also has the permission of democracy to express themselves freely.

For some, Martínez has to put aside Danilo Medina, leader of the PLD and president of the organization. Nothing more and nothing less, president for eight years and before with great influence in the governments of Leonel.

The best model that Martínez can follow in this case is that of today’s President Luis Abinader with former President Hipólito Mejía.

Showing an emotional intelligence that few have observed, Abinader has masterfully dealt with the forced partner that Mejía has been. Even in 2016 he even publicly valued the government of his great friend Medina, just days before the elections.

Abinader competed on two occasions in a good fight for the presidential candidacy, with whom he was the main leader of the PRM in its beginnings.

By 2015, in the first competition between the two, Mejía was 73 years old, only two more than the 71 that Danilo recently turned; Hipólito is politically qualified to be a candidate, and Danilo is not.
There is no doubt that Medina will vindicate his figure if history is not wrong. He spent with Balaguer, Hipólito and Leonel, it does not seem that Medina is the exception, above all, because she has a government work to show, although also great excesses in respecting the limits of power.

According to the biblical story of Genesis, Abel died, Cain killed him out of envy, although the murderer was excluded from the family nucleus and banished, he continued to live and even had children.

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