Daniela appears stabbed and lifeless after a celebration at her house

Daniela appears stabbed and lifeless after a celebration at her house

Jorge Quispe / La Paz

Daniela Rodríguez, a 30-year-old woman who was getting ready to work as a physiotherapist in a few weeks, was found stabbed on Sunday at her home in Alto San Isidro, in La Paz, where she had a party with friends and her partner. The Police, who have already started the investigations, do not rule out a possible femicide, because according to the young woman’s relatives they suspect the victim’s partner, Luis F., who was apprehended along with two of her friends.

“He had stab wounds in the chest region,” reported Major René Tambo, from the homicide division of the anti-crime force. At the moment, the Police investigate the case as a homicide, pending the forensic report that will determine if the victim inflicted the wounds or another person acted.

“There are wounds ascending and descending, from left to right, but that will be seen by the autopsy,” added Tambo.

Daniela was a secretary, she celebrated on Sunday at home with her friends and her partner in advance the title of physiotherapist and apparently there was an argument between her and her partner. Hours later, the young woman died of cardiac arrest due to injuries with a sharp weapon, which according to her friends she inflicted, something that her relatives dispute. “There are three stab wounds that she has and the strength of a man is needed for that,” said one of the relatives at the wake. Today her parents will arrive from Brazil.

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