Daniel Ortega transforms the FSLN into a “criminal and terrorist sect,” says retired military officer Roberto Samcam

Daniel Ortega has long since disappeared from the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) as a party with an ideology and identity and has established an organization that answers only and solely to him. An Ortega regime that functions as a terrorist group, but defrauds its own followers by making them believe that they belong to the FSLN, said the analyst and retired Army major in exile, Roberto Samcam.

In an editorial, published in its Newsletter number 57, Samcam reports that during the first stage of the Sandinista dictatorship, that party did not have divisions, mainly because they were divided among the three tendencies that the FSLN had divided, the entire state apparatus.

However, after the electoral defeat they suffered against Violeta Barrios in 1990, Daniel Ortega began a project to destroy his party to form his “Ortega sect”, and there began a process of what the analyst calls “implosions” that have been eating away at that party, to the point that it is self-destructing at the hands of Ortega.

An implosion of unpredictable magnitudes is brewing in Ortega’s regime

The retired soldier, consulted by Article 66recalled that, after the electoral defeat in 1990, there were two currents of the FSLN, the one that wanted to continue on the democratic cause and respect the electoral results and those that followed Ortega’s discourse of “governing from below”, through riots and sabotage, And there Ortega began to supplant ideological Sandinismo with “servile Orteguismo,” explains Samcam.

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“Throughout these 33 years, Sandinismo has imploded on several occasions, the first time in 1995 with the emergence of the MRS. The second implosion occurred in 2005 with the launch of the presidential candidacy of Herty Lewites, in which many who supported Daniel Ortega abandoned him », he details.

He adds that “the third implosion arose after the death of Hugo Chávez, and has more economic characteristics,” while the fourth self-destructive process in that party occurred with the appointment of Rosario Murillo as vice president of Nicaragua in 2016, in which basically the majority of the so-called Old Guard of Sandinismo is displaced by Murillo in favor of the Sandinista Youth on July 19,” the opposition analyst reported.

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And now, says Samcam, within Orteguismo a fifth implosion of proportions that Ortega did not expect is being forged, which includes massive abandonments from the ranks of Orteguismo, migrations of his own followers, even paramilitaries that participated in the repression are breaking down from Orteguismo. “tired of the nonsense of the presidential couple and the policy of State terrorism that they have implemented.”

The ex-military man believes that Daniel Ortega has been “a first class opportunist”, that he has already imposed his “Orteguista-Murillista sect” over the FSLN and for them “this mutation (FSLN-Orteguismo), should be considered and pointed out by the International Community , as a criminal and terrorist organization”.

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