Daniel Ortega suspends diplomatic relations with the Netherlands

Daniel Ortega suspends diplomatic relations with the Netherlands

The Nicaraguan dictatorship opened this Friday, September 30, a new diplomatic crisis with Europe, after declaring non grata to the ambassador of the European Union, by breaking diplomatic relations with the Netherlands, during a speech at a police parade.

Daniel Ortega said that Foreign Minister Denis Moncada Colindres informed the Dutch ambassador to Central America, christine pirenne, that “we do not want relations with that interventionist government!”

Without mentioning the ambassador by name, he added “as the song says, out there let him shout whatever he wants.” A few hours later, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the decision to “immediately discontinue diplomatic relations”, while calling the Dutch representation “neo-colonial” and “pro-imperial” (sic).

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Marie-Christine Theodore Therese Pirenne, concurrent for Central America from Costa Rica. Photo: Confidential | Taken from the Presidency.

The dictator revealed in his speech that the representative of that country met this Thursday, September 29, with Moncada to inform him that they will not finance a medical care center on the Caribbean Coast, as they had promised years ago, which Ortega described as an act of “human misery” and disrespect for the country.

Diplomatic sources revealed to CONFIDENTIAL —given the few details offered by Ortega and his biased version of the meeting with the diplomat— that at the meeting Pirenne informed the Foreign Ministry that the Netherlands would cut off financial aid, which included the co-financing of a hospital, due to the lack of transparency, the mismanagement of funds and the serious human rights situation facing Nicaragua.

According to him Report on Foreign Cooperation of Nicaragua in 2021published by the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the Netherlands lent the private sector 32.7 million dollars, while in donations to the public sector it accumulated 103.8 million dollars between 2007 and 2017.

“The ambassador of that country was visiting. She was received by our chancellor, yesterday, and what did she hear? The ambassador came to speak to the Nicaraguans, as if Nicaragua was a Dutch colony, and after launching that overwhelming speech for the dignity of our people, she announced that they were not going to build the famous hospital, ”said Ortega.

In the official statement, Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry He added that they were taking the necessary measure to defend the honor “that characterizes us”, due to “the permanent offensive of the Dutch representation, not at all diplomatic and in violation of the Vienna Convention”, in relation to “threats and suspensions of works of common benefit”.

Ortega participated in the parade for the 43rd anniversary of the Police, held on Avenida de Chávez a Bolívar, in Managua. He was accompanied by his wife, his vice president and spokesperson, Rosario Murillo; the head of the Army, general Julio César Avilés, and the director of the Police, first commissioner Francisco Díaz.

New US ambassador non grata

Ortega also launched it against the US senators who confirmed as ambassador to Nicaragua Hugo F. Rodriguez.

Rodríguez, who was rejected at the end of July, under accusations of interference by the dictatorship, after the diplomat promised to work in the position to help Nicaragua return to democracy and, in addition, requested the freedom of political prisoners.

In his address at noon, Rosario Murillo assured that Rodríguez would not be admitted “under any circumstances”, to which Ortega added in his new speech that the senators feel they own the world and consider that they can “eat” the peoples, while he criticized the ambassador nominated by Biden because, according to he was disrespectful and “came to talk as if William Walker was coming to Nicaragua again.”

Ortega referred to the filibuster who arrived in the Central American country in the 19th century to support one of the local sides in the conflict, declared himself president, imposed English as the language, burned Granada, and was expelled in the National War of 1856.

In recent weeks, the dictatorship has increased its tension against the international community, which is asking for accountability for the human rights abuses committed since 2018, in which the Police was one of the main protagonists, along with sympathetic paramilitary groups. of Ortega, whom the Army has refused to disarm.

The accusation against the Dutch ambassador also occurs, less than twenty-four hours before the representative of the European Union, Bettina Muscheidyou, left the country this Saturday, also expelled under accusations of alleged interference. She was notified of her expulsionaccording to European Parliament sources.

On September 28, Ortega also publicly attacked the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, one of the leaders of the democratic left in the region, for calling for the release of prisoners of conscience. He called it a “lap dog.” And he was more coarse with Ambassador Brian Nichols, undersecretary for the Western Hemisphere of the United States, whom he called a “bulldog” and said that “he barks against Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, that is what they have put the poor black man in,” exhibiting a speech racist.

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In that intervention, one of the most virulent in memory of Ortega, he also attacked the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres. Of him, he said, that he was a “puppet of the Yankees.” The same way he undertook it against Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, which he has relentlessly persecuted for months.

For Ortega, the Catholic Church is “the perfect dictatorship,” while he asked himself on September 28 who chose the priests, the bishops and the Pope, trying to subtract moral authority from the demand for democracy and respect for human rights that the bishops and priests have held for years.

The tyrant even went so far as to accuse the bishops without evidence of asking them to “put lead into him” during the 2018 protests, when the police and paramilitaries fired on citizens who demanded his removal from power and early elections after a failed reform of the Social Security, but above all by the outrage caused by the murder of unarmed citizens.

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The auxiliary bishop of Managua, Silvio Báez, lamented from exile that a dictator was teaching democracy. “How much ignorance, how much lies and how much cynicism!” He criticized him from his Twitter account.

The “parade in force of victories” was held this Friday in honor of General Augusto C. Sandino, Rigoberto López Pérez, Carlos Fonseca and Commander Tomás Borge Martínez, former Minister of the Interior and founder of the Sandinista Police. A total of 2,384 police officers participated in it, of which 606 were women, according to data from the institution.

Ortega greeted the diplomatic corps

The event took place in the rain with the presence of part of the diplomatic corps, represented mostly by allies of the regime such as China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, and Abkhazia and Argentina. Among those present, he highlighted the new ambassador of Colombia in Nicaragua, León Fredy Muñoz, and to the ambassadors of Mexico and El Salvador.

He called some of them “brothers” and in the case of Cuba he called for the end of the US blockade as he has done on other occasions.

For their part, the Police took advantage of the occasion to flatter the ruler, their supreme chief, and Vice President Murillo, just four years after the establishment of the de facto police state that has violated the rights of assembly and mobilization of Nicaraguan citizens. .

“Today we parade with pride, ratifying loyalty and obedience to the supreme leadership, Commander Daniel Ortega and compañera Rosario Murillo. Today we parade with the commitment to continue working for the peace, security and tranquility of people, families and communities. Faithful to our principles and values,” said the first commissioner Francisco Díaz, also the presidential couple’s father-in-law.

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