Daniel Ortega imposes another mayor in Ciudad Dario and residents ask for explanations

The Daniel Ortega regime continues to disrespect municipal autonomy and impose its will by removing mayors without explaining to their constituents the reasons, and without complying with due administrative process. In addition, it expeditiously imposes substitutes, as happened a few hours ago in Ciudad Darío, in the department of Matagalpa.

The population of this municipality has not been informed of what happened and they ask to know what happened. «Here nobody communicates anything, we know nothing, only that the lady is no longer the mayoress, but did we not choose her? We should be informed,” said a citizen who is a member of the government party.

Last week, from El Carmen -the residence of the dictators-, it was oriented to remove the mayoress of this city from her position, Lesbia Treminioto the vice mayor Donald Treminiowith dismissal included for a worker from the Darío commune, Felix Treminioson of the dismissed mayoress.

Ask for explanations

This Monday afternoon, the dictators ordered that the councilor be immediately placed in the building position Maritza Ruiza teacher with a long history in this city.

Daniel Ortega imposes another mayor in Ciudad Dario and residents ask for explanations
Lesbia Treminio, mayor of Ciudad Darío, was removed from her position for alleged corruption.

“In Ciudad Darío we elected Lesbia Treminio and Donald, they were working well, the city was progressing and promoting the traditions of our people,” said a resident, commenting on a Facebook post that alluded to the replacement of authorities.

This discontent seems to be general among the residents of Ciudad Darío, mainly those who declare themselves Sandinista sympathizers. “It is not possible that in Nicaragua there is a Municipal Autonomy Law, clear and concrete administrative procedures that ensure that the authorities fulfill their role for which they were elected and if they fail in their management, they submit to that. process and it takes time, because you have to investigate, audit, prosecute, etc., “explained a local lawyer who asked to express himself under a confidential identity.

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In his opinion, this is “an abuse of the regime.” “These gentlemen believe that, by running the central government, holding a series of suspicions, lacking evidence and riddled with assumptions, they can remove an elected authority and remove them from office, like pawns on a chessboard. That is illegal and any act that is derived from it is null and void, “he sentenced.

Because of your friends?

According to journalistic publications, the mayoress could be dismissed due to an alleged closeness with former vice president Moisés Omar Halleslevens, who no longer has the approval of the dictatorship and who was recently ousted from his government offices in Managua. The other presumption is nepotism and corruption.

«If that were to be true about the friendship with the general, what is the crime? If he is a friend of this or that politician. Regarding nepotism, it is bad, it is an illegal action, true, but there is the president, his wife and his children, all in the government. A lousy example, by the way. That is not only not a secret, they even celebrate it, “said the expert.

The lawyer also pointed out that the problem is that little can be done, because the country lacks the rule of law. «There is no one to turn to, the Police that investigates, the Prosecutor’s Office that accuses and the Judge that sentences and even the defense attorney, all obey the same orders. The defenselessness is total and good, not even the same militant comrades are saved, “he added.

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