Daniel Ortega grants Nicaraguan nationality to two collaborators of the Russian Mechnikov vaccine plant

Daniel Ortega grants Nicaraguan nationality to two collaborators of the Russian Mechnikov vaccine plant

Daniel Ortega’s regime granted Nicaraguan nationality to Russian lawyer Sergey Vitalievich Issers and Mariia Vladimirovna Belousova, both workers at the Mechnikov Latin American Biotechnology Institute, the Russian plant built in Nicaragua. With this, the dictatorship adds four company collaborators awarded with dual nationality.

Through resolution No. 3313 of the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration, they state that “the citizen Sergey Vitalievich Issers has complied with the requirements and formalities established in the political constitution of the Republic of Nicaragua to acquire Nicaraguan nationality, taking into account his continuous permanence in the national territory and work in the Mechnikov Latin American Institute of Biotechnology».

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The publication in La Gaceta Diario Oficial explains that Vitalievich is a 39-year-old single lawyer, born in Glazov, Russian Federation, on November 29, 1983. The lawyer currently resides in Managua.

Russian laboratory in Nicaragua. Photo: Internet

In La Gaceta on March 3, Mariia Vladimirovna Belousova, 26, who is dedicated to the “development of immunobiological products”, in addition to having a bond of affinity with a Nicaraguan citizen, is also nationalized. Vladimirovna is also a graduate in international relations, she refers to resolution No. 3314.

Vice dictator Rosario Murillo predicted, in 2016, that the vaccine plant would be the “Central American laboratory” for the production and distribution of vaccines. Her words were not fulfilled and like other projects, such as Tumarín or the refinery, they only remained in her dreams and promises. The construction of Mechnikov had a cost of more than 30 million dollars, according to investigations by the newspaper La Prensa.

On August 16, the director of the Mechnikov vaccine plant, Viktor Pavlovich Trukhin, originally from the Russian Federation, received Nicaraguan nationality for having “fulfilled the formalities” for said benefit and for his contributions to the “scientific and technological development” of the people. Nicaraguan.

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Viktor Pavlovich Trukhin settled in Nicaragua at the end of 2016 when he took over the management of the Russian vaccine plant after the departure of Vitalii Granovski, former director of the Mechnikov laboratory.

The second collaborator of the laboratory to be nationalized was Elena Petrovna Nacharova, on October 8, 2021, her publication in the official gazette stated that she was a 45-year-old medical doctor, originally from the Russian Federation.

The Ortega-Murillo regime has also “given” Nicaraguan nationality to former Salvadoran presidents Mauricio Funes and Salvador Sánchez Cerén, both fugitives from justice and with pending cases in their country. These two cases, jurists point out, violate due process and skip all the steps stipulated in the law.

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