Daniel Jadue: the world's lefts must initiate processes of self-criticism

Daniel Jadue: the world’s lefts must initiate processes of self-criticism

The mayor of La Recoleta, Chile, Daniel Jadue, emphasized the need to practice self-criticism in the revolutionary processes of the left and against neoliberalism.

There is an “exhaustion of the process” and a “growing indignation” due to the attempts of the different lefts of the world to mitigate the effects of capitalism from the legislative sphere, indicated the mayor in an interview granted to the program Here with Ernesto Villegas, broadcast this Sunday .

Jadue has visited Venezuela on several occasions. This time to participate in the International Meeting Against Fascism held this past April 11, 12 and 13 in Carracas and in this sense, he explained that this event “gave the world’s left the possibility of being self-critical with the processes of the that we have been protagonists”.

“In this way they can look at a future process, leaving behind the complex of the world lefts of having had to give up their project of overcoming neoliberalism many years ago, to focus only on this attempt to humanize capitalism, which, from all accounts, is not viable. In this context, an international meeting, when fascism is on the rise in all the countries that seek alternatives to neoliberalism and becomes more bloody and brutal, is pertinent”, he expressed.

Regarding whether the term fascism is exaggerated to describe what happened in April 2002, during the coup d’état against Commander Hugo Chávez and the current context, he expressed: “It is probable that this term is not scientifically adequate to describe the phenomenon. But, that is a secondary debate when what matters is putting on the table the role of various actors who throughout history have always done the same when it comes to protecting their interests. The truth is that throughout history this extreme right has followed the same pattern in all parts of the world.

Jadue is an architect, sociologist and politician, mayor of the municipality of La Recoleta, a commune located north of the capital city of Santiago, for 10 years, from the Chilean Communist Party. He has gained notoriety throughout Chile due to the implementation of local public policies that have escalated to the national level. In 2020 he ran as a candidate for the Presidency as part of the Chile Digno political faction. He lost the primaries with 39% of the preferences.

He and his family are of Palestinian origin and he stressed that this Palestinian heritage was decisive in his choice to embark on politics and social struggles.

“I was born in 1967, just after the six-day war, when Israel compulsorily annexed the city of Jerusalem to its territory. That was a conflict that accompanied me throughout my childhood, in all birthdays, all meetings. That predisposed me to a very early political militancy, initially, for the Palestinian cause, ”he said.

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