Daniel Brea: “Torrijos is touring the country and the acceptance he has is impressive”

Angel Valdes | June 19, 2023

The president of the Popular Party, Daniel Brea, considers that former president Martin Torrijos has had a great acceptance in the tours he has made to different parts of the country, listening to people and in meetings with different sectors of society, whether businessmen, artists and youth

On the structure that the Popular Party has to carry a candidacy like that of former President Torrijos for the presidency in 2024, Brea said that: “We have an organization in all the provinces and counties, they are not structures equal to other parties, but they are the bases to be able to have the entire electoral structure for 2024 and it is taking place impressively with the candidacy of Torrijos in the Popular Party, all the spaces are being filled for that competition that is coming on May 5.

The ratification of former President Torrijos as the official candidate for the presidency by the Popular Party will take place on July 16.

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