Dana Castañeda denounces irregularities in the CD internal election process

The sub-secretary of the Board of Directors of the Cambio Democrático (CD) party and candidate for Convention Dana Castañeda, denounced that there are irregularities in the process of internal elections of the group that violate the Electoral Code.

He highlighted that some applications that had been presented in a timely manner disappeared, as well as the publication of only the names of the “Heads of Payrolls” and the names of the remaining candidates that make up all the payrolls are omitted.

He stated that the payrolls have not been published in full, so it is not known if the payrolls have been accepted. He questioned the list of resignations of applicants to be recognized as candidates for the National Convention, which according to the Election Commission translates that the applicant who is part of the one who resigned must be rejected.

The secretary specified that the number assigned to each payroll is unknown, which according to the regulations must be in accordance with the order of arrival, and due to this lack of information it is subject to challenge.

In the publication of the Electoral Bulletin 5235-B of December 21, 2022, resignations submitted before December 13, 2022 were verified, the date on which the Elections Commission published an edict on the same day regarding payrolls with some type of inconsistency. so they should be corrected. According to Dana Castañeda, the rejection should be applied only to those who resigned or died and not to reject the application of those who met the requirements to be nominated.

According to Castañeda, the National Commission for Internal Elections, appointed by Rómulo Roux, unfavorably interprets, without justification, the candidate who meets the requirements, but who suffered the resignation of his payroll partner.

These irregularities were supported by Castañeda, through a note addressed to the president of the National Commission for internal Elections.

He also denounced the voluntary omission of the people designated by the National Secretariat for Women to sign the applications when there were none, in different provinces, which can be interpreted as a way to get electoral contenders out of the way, affecting party members who make the effort to participate as conventional.

Castañeda concluded that this process is being mishandled, intentionally, in order to delay the time through a total or partial challenge to the entire process.

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