Da Silveira: collective conduction in the Court Prosecutor’s Office would be a "reasonable idea"

The Minister of Education and Culture, Pablo Da Silveiramaintained that acollective driving” of the Court Prosecutor’s Office would “a reasonable idea” and that “it would help a greater response capacity”.

Da Silveira was consulted on the program Who is who of Diamante FM and Channel 5 on the summary imposed by the Prosecutor of Court Juan Gómez with removal from office and 50% retention of assets to the prosecutor for Sexual Crimes Raúl Iglesias and said that “it is not a usual fact” but what churches “he will have his defense opportunities and the usual administrative process will be followed.”

In this context, the minister was asked if he considered that, in the event that there were a collegiate body of three prosecutors to govern the Prosecutor’s Office, more guarantees would be given for this type of situation in particular and for operations in general. The hierarch replied that it would be a “reasonable idea” but He said he was not sure that “it guarantees 100% that these kinds of episodes cannot occur.”

The minister also affirmed that this type of conformation of the Prosecutor’s Office “would help to be more responsive” compared to a service that “has a huge and complex amount of work with a very large potential impact on the lives” of people.

“I don’t have a position, I haven’t delved into the subject enough to have a definitive opinion, but it doesn’t seem crazy to me that there are people who propose it,” he said.

Da Silveira’s statements take place in a context in which the former president and current secretary general of the Colorado Party, Julio María Sanguinettiin dialogue with radio El Espectador this Thursday, supported the proposal of the Colorado deputy Gustavo Zubía to install a triumvirate in the Court Prosecutor’s Office.

The former president stressed that if there were three heads of the Prosecutor’s Office It would serve so that the responsibility does not fall on a single person. supported the proposalso that it is not something so personalized” and that the prosecutor is not “in the eye of the storm“, he declared.

He also assured that the prosecutor’s offices “they need a moment to pause“.”We start from the basis that prosecutors are overloaded“Said Sanguinetti. With the changes in criminal matters, the former president wondered if the prosecutor’s offices are prepared for the new demands in matters of investigation: “I get the impression not“, he admitted.

Zubía presented in 2020 a bill that promoted that the Court Prosecutor’s Office become a collegiate body of three members. At the time – being Jorge Diaz the court prosecutor – Zubia explained, in interview with The Observerthat the person who occupies that position He has become the most empowered person after the President of the Republic and the control that Parliament exercises over his actions “is theoretical.”

The deputy, a former criminal prosecutor, maintained at the time that it was “necessary to limit the powers” assumed by the Attorney General of the Nation.

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