Cynthia Tarragó would request to be affiliated with the ANR again

A lawyer would request the rehabilitation of former deputy Cynthia Tarragó to the Governing Board of the National Republican Association (ANR) so that she can rejoin the party, according to data from Radio Monumental. She was excluded after the scandal of her arrest for money laundering.

Eduardo Venialgo, a member of the ANR Court of Conduct, indicated that “not everyone can join.” However, he pointed out that the decision remains in the hands of the Board and that this may be political.

«The possibility of her or anyone else going and requesting a membership is within the power of anyone. Now that they grant it or not is another thing. Not everyone can join. It is the Governing Board that decides whether or not to accept a request for affiliation. You may not accept it for various reasons, they may be political », she said.

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