Cybersecurity analyst recommends that children do not use Tik Tok

Cybersecurity analyst recommends that children do not use Tik Tok

Miguel Ángel Gaspar, cyber risk analyst and director of Paraguay Ciberseguro and Ciberpadres Latinoamérica, warned on his twitter account about the risks to which children are exposed on the Tik Tok social network.

This after the death of a minor on Sunday. The girl was 12 years old and lived in the town of San Lorenzo, Santa Fe province. The minor was doing the “BlackOut Challenge”, a fact that ended her life.

To meet this challenge, people place an object around their necks to avoid breathing. Once the breath is blocked, the goal is, due to lack of air, to pass out. All this is broadcast live on the networks and whoever succeeds advances in the game, reports the Vía Szeta site.

“Tik Tok is not a place for children. If you decided to give your children that space, and you don’t control and accompany them, you are irresponsible as a parent. The BlackOut Challenge has already claimed the lives of hundreds of children who cannot manage the stimuli they receive. If your children opened an account and you don’t know it, you are also irresponsible and negligent. Do not leave your children alone on the internet, stop thinking that they are gifted and take charge of protecting them in cyberspace as well. The challenges are about stimuli for kids,” she warned.

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