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Cut in IPI can increase investments by R$ 534 billion in up to 15 years

Central Government has a primary deficit of R$ 6.3 billion in March

The increase from 25% to 35% in the cut in the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) could increase investments in Brazil by up to R$534 billion over the next 15 years, he said. today (29), in Brasília, the special secretary for Productivity and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy, Daniella Marques. According to her, the measure, published today in the Official Gazette, will benefit 300 thousand companies in the industry.

The secretary also stated that the decision should make industrialized products cheaper for the final consumer. “The expectation is that goods will be cheaper for the final consumer. For example, the tax on refrigerators drops from 20% to 13%. We will continue to seek solutions in this direction, with fiscal responsibility”, declared Daniella at a press conference to explain the new IPI cut.

In the 25% cut announced in February, the pass-through to final prices was small. For the secretary, the competition between entrepreneurs should make the cheaper reach the consumer. “The control of price reductions at the end is not something that the federal government has. It will certainly have an impact because it has a competitive environment that guides us”, she justified.

In the evaluation of the special secretary, the exemption will not harm public accounts. This is because the government is transforming the increase in revenue that has been occurring since last year into tax reductions.

For this year, the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) stipulates a primary deficit target of R$ 170.5 billion for this year. At the end of seasteel, the Bimonthly Income and Expenses Report reduced the deficit estimate to R$ 66.9 billion, but the value taken into account for the fulfillment of the fiscal targets is that of the LDO.

Manaus Free Zone

In relation to products manufactured in the Manaus Free Trade Zone, Daniella said that competitiveness was preserved because the products responsible for 76% of the industrial pole’s revenues were left out of the new decree. “The Manaus Free Zone product group follows with a 25% reduction in the IPI”, she explained.

Among the items manufactured in the Free Zone that will continue to be cut by 25% of the IPI are air conditioners, razors, car stereos, televisions, jewelry and other precious metals, bicycles, consoles and video game machines. , printer ribbons, microwave ovens, modems, motorcycles and parts, motherboards, non-alcoholic preparations for soft drinks, integrated receivers and decoders, wristwatches, smartphones and cell phones.

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