Customs seizes 16 tons of contraband fish in Santa Cruz

Customs seizes 16 tons of contraband fish in Santa Cruz

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Fish is a traditional food of Holy Week and, in this context, its trade increases. In a combined operation, Customs and Senasag officials seized 16 tons of that food that entered the country as contraband.

The agents intercepted a truck that was transporting boxes of sábalo of Argentine origin in an inadequate manner and without health registration, “generating a risk to the health of the Bolivian population.”

“They intended to enter 550 boxes of different sizes, with a value amounting to more than 250,000 bolivianos, in the municipality of El Torno, located 203 km from the city of Santa Cruz,” reported Customs.

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The operation was coordinated with the National Agricultural Health and Food Safety Service (Senasag).

Customs recommended that the population acquire authorized products that comply with sanitary and formal import provisions in order to avoid illegal smuggling activity, which is a great detriment to the national economy.

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