Customs seized more than 4,500 tires that were attempted to enter illegally

Customs seized more than 4,500 tires that were attempted to enter illegally

The seized merchandise represents an estimated value of $320 million in losses.

In the last three months, the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) seized 4,557 tires with an estimated value of $320 million, which were attempted to enter the country illegally.

The agency highlighted this Monday in a statement the need to “attack the unfair competition of importing companies in the tire sector, which make abusive use of precautionary measures in order to overstock based on an official dollar, clearly attacking production and employment. nationals”.

The Customs released a statement, in which it specified that this Sunday, at the Salto Grande Border Crossing, in the Entre Ríos city of Concordia, specialized agents of the agency “carried out a procedure that consisted of the control of a Peugeot Partner vehicle ( Argentine registration) that entered the country, detecting that it was transporting twelve new, undeclared tires”.

“The covers were hidden in the four wheels placed rolling and in two spare wheels” and in addition “each wheel had an additional cover inside,” detailed the DGA.

The detection of the infraction was possible because “the auxiliary wheels had a significant weight and after being controlled with the baggage scanner it was observed that inside they had one more cover,” he said.

For this reason, the merchandise and the vehicle were seized for violation of Law 22,415 (Customs Code).

In another procedure also carried out in Paraná, on Route 12, near La Paz, agents seized, with the collaboration of the Gendarmerie, 287 vehicle covers of foreign origin without customs endorsement, when checking a truck belonging to the mail parcel transport company Via Cargo.

In this case, the DGA specified, “the Federal Court of Paraná intervened” and the seized merchandise was deposited in the La Paz National Gendarmerie Section, with an estimated value of $13,250,000.

The DGA stressed that since the assumption of Guillermo Michel to the leadership of the organization, “the need to generate risk perception, attacking the informal economy given by the commercialization of merchandise entered illegally into the national territory” was imposed.

Among other modalities used to illegally bring tires into the country, the offenders hid the units in “grains, inside other covers, in parcels, in cargo transport and also in pallets wrapped in black polypropylene to hide their content,” reported the Customs.

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