Customs dispatches 30,000 containers in 24 hours or less

CEO of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatonreported today that, after the implementation of the “Dispatch in 24 hours” program, almost 30,000 containers have been released in 24 hours or less, when before the average time was between six and seven days.

Customs reported that the number of containers released, in the year, means the daily output of 80 to 100 containers, managed by 4,000 taxpayers, of which 68% are made up of small and medium-sized companies. Likewise, the advance declarations corresponding to the “Dispatch in 24 hours” reach 90%, while the late declarations were reduced by 23% in general.

Sanz Lovatón indicated that this has been possible thanks to the joint work of the sectors involved, public and private, in which trade, free zones and SMEs stand out.

“Today is a special day, because we are acknowledging the start of the ‘Dispatch in 24 Hours’ program every year, which we have made a reality today,” he stressed.

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He reiterated that “this has been a sample for the ultimate goal, which is to be a hub regional logistics.

He indicated that the risk engine program has increased state collections by almost 1,000 million pesos per month.

“Only so far this year, thanks to the technologies implemented, we have a revenue surplus of almost 25,000 million pesos, which in turn has allowed us the subsidy that we have had to do with the rise in fuel prices,” he said. .

Gildan wins special award for excellence

About seven companies were awarded for Customs for improving their performance in dispatches and presentation of files in advance within 24 hours.

The award-winning companies are Grupo Rica, Grupo Cometa, Leka International Services, Pan Import, MSC Dominicana, Neutral Logistic and Gildan.

The multinational company Gildan was the one that received the award for excellence for being the most efficient in its presentation of files in advance and dispatch times in 24 hours.

“It is a pleasure to be here and represent Gildan, which initially had 1,000 employees and today we are 5,000. For me it is of great pride that we are awarded with this great prize, and we are going for more”, pointed out one of the representatives of the entity.

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