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Customs Announces New Regulations for Passengers Entering Cuba

MIAMI, United States. – General Customs of the Republic (AGR, by its Spanish acronym) announced on July 28th “new rules for non-commercial imports”, for passengers entering Cuba.

The regulations will allow an increase in the number of articles that may be imported, among them computers, tablets, tires and wheel rims.

According to authorities, this represents a more flexible approach to imports, which includes, among other things, an increase to the weight limit on delivered imports from 22 pounds to 44 pounds, as well as a decrease in the value per 2.2 pounds of imports from $20 to $10.

According to the new customs regulations, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba, 6.6 pounds will be free of charge for articles valued by weight. Likewise, the customs tax payable will be reduced by 70%.

General Customs of the Republic made it clear that the non-commercial imports that legal persons are allowed to bring into the country in luggage, deliveries, household purchase and other authorized cargo, are those conducted occasionally for personal, family or home use.

Likewise, the document published by the Gazeta establishes a “Reference List of Values” for some of the products that legal persons bring into the country by different means.

The Resolution, recently announced by the regime’s Economy Minister, Alejandro Gil Fernández at the National People Power Assembly, will go into effect August 15th2022.

It was also stated that, as part of the new regulations, there is a new provision by the Ministry of Finance and Prices, which will eliminate payment of part of Customs Tax on items sent to the island via air and ocean freight, or postal service.

The ministry’s new notice states that “legal persons in Cuba who receive air, ocean, postal or freight deliveries of a non-commercial nature, are exempt from paying customs duty for the first US$30 in value or equivalent weight, up to 6.6 pounds of the shipment, in relation to the value/weight established by General Customs of the Republic.”

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