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Cusco is flooded with garbage on World Tourism Day

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Cusco is flooded with garbage on World Tourism Day

In the midst of the celebrations for the International Tourism Day, Cusco, the most touristic city in Peru, is flooded with garbage. The celebrations to commemorate an important and even transcendental date for all the people of Cusco, who mostly benefit from tourism, are marred by mounds of waste that have appeared in all the streets of the city, as a result of the closure of the only dump in Cusco. , Haquira.

It happens that last Monday, dozens of residents of the areas surrounding the landfill, blocked the access of the compactor trucks, so the service was restricted until further notice, filling the streets with garbage bags and other items.

In a statement from the Provincial Municipality of Cusco, the authorities asked the residents to store their waste until they find a solution to the problem, indicating that no compactor truck will go out to collect it. however, the residents, and especially the shops and restaurants, took their waste out into the street, generating mounds of garbage everywhere.


According to Walter Tinta, a leader of the communities near the Haquira dump, pollution due to the transfer of waste is a constant that they can no longer bear and that the authorities have not been able to solve over the years.

“The water sources of different sectors, which also supply Cusco, are contaminated, We have been at this since February and we have not found a solution, we want them to buy land elsewhere and take the plant there, there are commitments and technical roundtables that have not been resolved”, he pointed.

The resident mentioned that they will not unblock the access to the compactor trucks until they obtain a real commitment from the Cusco authorities for the treatment of their water sources and the definitive removal of the dump to another sector.

Meanwhile, another sector accuses the residents of Cochapata and areas near the dump of being manipulated by people who seek to subdivide the entire land to sell it, so they would need to clean up the area.

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