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Cure evil, not just fever

Fight crime? Yes, but first put an end to corruption

One of the candidates for the highest magistracy of the Republic left a very interesting sentence. He said that “with the adversaries one dialogues, with the enemies not. And the enemy is organized crime.” We could sign that candidate’s phrase at the bottom, but on condition that he puts a missing element in his semantic construction: systemic corruption.

Corruption is a construction of exclusively state origin. That cazurra little phrase that corruption is a tango that is danced by two is a wild card that those who splash around in that pestiferous bilge environment, on both sides of the counter, made themselves. Corrupts the one who sets rules, applies them and controls their compliance but then betrays them.

Faced with a public servant of upright and upright conduct in the performance of his duties, the honest citizen fulfills his fiscal obligations without buts, knowing that he will receive a service proportional to its cost. This is how the countries that have managed, while not eradicating corrupt practices in the management of public affairs, to keep them to a minimum that does not collide with the normal functioning of daily life work. Unfortunately, reality puts us in front of enclaves of ineptitude, immorality and greed embedded in strategic areas of the State where negotiations are decided, distribution of positions and privileges that debase to the root what should be a noble service to the citizenry.

Planting a battle against organized crime without first combating the pockets of corruption that deform the organs of the State would be like treating an infection with aspirin instead of applying major surgery to remove the root of the disease. But politicians, out of pure animal instinct, prefer to avoid that battlefield because it would mean generating enemies who will cross it on the way to the polls. And they will do so by putting into play, without any scruple and with total impunity, all the resources of the State that they have.

Until today, that of “fighting organized crime” is pure marketing, mere bombastic statements and few practical results.

There is the mythical Joint Task Force shaking bushes in the north and capturing parsley, while the band of criminals kills when they want and keeps citizens kidnapped for months and years.
Another facet of the State that must change as soon as possible. And background.

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The entrance Cure evil, not just fever was first published in The Independent.

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