Cuéllar, satisfied with the efforts in La Paz, hopes to have a Census Law on Monday

Cuéllar, satisfied with the efforts in La Paz, hopes to have a Census Law on Monday

November 18, 2022, 5:42 PM

November 18, 2022, 5:42 PM

The head of the Chamber of Deputies, Jerges Mercado, has summoned the legislators for this Monday in an official session with a single item on the agenda. Assembly members must consider the Census Law according to the reports submitted by the respective commissions. This call is the corollary of the efforts made by the rector of the Gabriel René Moreno University (UAGRM), Vicente Cuellar, during his visit to La Paz.

“I think it is a good step forward, the visit to the president of the Constitution commission, as well as the president of the Chamber of Deputies, has been opportune. We found a good predisposition, I think this will allow us to speed up and give an immediate response to the people of Santa Cruz and the Bolivian people so that we can reach a meeting point”, said the Chancellor of Santa Cruz briefly.

On Thursday, the president of the Constitution committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Juan José Jauregui, had stated that a minimum of one week was required for the law to be considered in the plenary session of Deputies. However, those deadlines seem to have been cut to one day, since on Monday night the Chamber would approve the bill.

“I have already summoned the Chamber of Deputies so that we can meet on Monday at 5 in the afternoon to give certainty to the Bolivian people. We do all this because we put ourselves in the shoes of those who are currently mobilized in Santa Cruz, we don’t want there to be more violence,” said the president of the Deputies, Jerges Mercado in another press conference.

The project approved in Deputies must have two important elements. That ratify decree 4824 to carry out the Census in March 2024, and that it be complemented with the guarantees on the delivery of the results of the registration. This last step will facilitate the application of those results for the 2025 elections, Mercado said.

The rector of the UAGRM, although he highlighted the advances in his management, did not refer to a possible deactivation of indefinite unemployment in Santa Cruz, which has already completed its twenty-eighth day of protest.

Market clarified that the Chamber of Senators will grant the same priority to this bill and that it will be sanctioned in the shortest possible time. So far, only the president of Deputies participated in the meetings and not the president of Senators, Andrónico Rodríguez.

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