Cubanos aterrizan en Estados Unidos en una “moto alada”

Cubans land in the United States on a “winged motorcycle”

Mexico City, Mexico.- Two Cuban migrants landed at the Key West International Airport in a motorized hang glider, at approximately 10:30 am this Saturday, March 25, confirmed the page from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

The images that have emerged show a peculiar means of transport that simulates a kind of winged motorcycle. The one used by Cubans is homemade, but durable enough to reach Florida.

The official name given to this means of transport is motorized hang gliding and it is traditionally used in extreme sports. In general, it is made up of a motorized paraglider attached to a special harness. These teams allow you to plan long distances, perform stunts and now they will also be famous for their use to escape from dictatorships.

So far they have not reported the identity of the migrants but officials confirm that they are not injured and have been made available to the authorities.

For decades we have heard stories that border on the impossible, starring Cubanswho driven by their desire to find improvement have risked their lives.

Most have taken two escape routes: sailing in rustic boats for 90 miles through the “marine graveyard” that separates the Florida peninsula from Cuba; or arrive at some point in Central or South America and go up until you reach the southern border of the United States.

Within them, there are stories that are not common, and precisely their uniqueness makes them so incredible that they could seem like fictional passages.

For example, in 2004 the Cuban Sandra de los Santos he got into a wooden box with a bottle of water and a cell phone; and she shipped herself by DHL from Nassau, bound for the United States. This new way of escape, “winged motorcycle” is added as one of the most unlikely recorded.

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