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Cubans face police violence in different neighborhoods of Cuba

Madrid Spain.- This Saturday, Cubans residing in Managua, in the Havana municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, confronted agents of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) who were assaulting a pregnant woman.

According to the information shared in social networksaccompanied by videos, the police threw the pregnant woman to the ground when intervening in a fight that broke out in a long queue to buy food.

“A police officer was sent with a pregnant woman. He knocked her to the ground, he went crazy. He sprayed, took out the gun and you know what hit him. They had to ask for reinforcement”, indicated the group of Facebook “The Guasimas.Managua.Cuba”.

The same publication indicates that the woman was transferred to the polyclinic.

In the recordings, the violence of the police against an adolescent who defended the pregnant woman is also observed. The young man was thrown to the ground and kicked by one of the officers.

Immediately, many of those present attacked the police officers and their excessive aggressiveness. To stop them, the soldiers fired pepper spray and threatened with their weapons.

Also on July 16, the PNR in Santiago de Cuba was the protagonist of abuses against the people, who once again did not allow themselves to be intimidated, fed up with the repression.

During the traditional Conga of the Holesprior to the Santiago carnival, the police intervened with violence and beat many of the participants with tonfas, presumably to stop an incident.

As can be seen in the images, the Special Brigade (Anti-riot Troops of the regime), was deployed among the Santiago residents.

These events occur just one day after hundreds of people took to the streets in the municipality of Los Palacios, Pinewood of the riverto protest the constant blackouts that they have been suffering for months and express their opposition to the Cuban government.

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