Cubans and Haitians who enter the US with a humanitarian parole can receive federal aid

In early January the Biden administration created a new program of parole for Cuban, Haitian, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan citizens that allows them to enter the United States if they have a sponsor who is responsible for their expenses.

That plan establishes that those who are beneficiaries cannot apply for federal aid of any kind, since the sponsor will take care of the new immigrants under his shadow.

Recently, however, it was discovered that since 2017 there is a federal aid program for citizens Cubans and Haitians who upon arrival receive cash (400 dollars a month), food stamps (foodstamps) and Medicaid for eight months.

That program is administered by Church World Service. Its director, Carlos Naranjo, assures that there is nothing that prevents its application, nor a restriction on financial aid.

His office has begun processing the first migrants with parole that they have arrived and that they intend to obtain some type of help, although what they most aspire to is a work permit. Naranjo’s office also helps them in this, his director told local television.

It is not clear if the Biden administration was aware of the existence of this aid program, which took many immigration attorneys in the Cuban community by surprise. One of them commented that although he knew of its existence, “he thought it was over.”

consulted by phone OnCuba, immigration services declined to comment on the matter.

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