El cubano Yasmany Tomás está a dos juegos de ganar la Liga del Pacífico

Cuban Yasmany Tomás is two games away from winning the Pacific League

CDMX, Mexico. – Los Cañeros de los Mochis and Los Algodoneros de Guasave, two cities in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, are currently competing for the most important baseball trophy in the Aztec country.

In that winter league, classified as double AA, the habanero yasmany tomas He has been showing off in style with the Cañeros de Los Mochis, who last weekend began the final series against Guasave, a team that has not won the title for 50 years.

In November 2022, Yasmany, 32, drew the attention of the Cuban sports press for his promising results. The independent sports media Play Off Magazine referred to the “rebirth” of the Cuban after “a streak of 14 consecutive games hitting at least one hit”. One day before the aforementioned note appeared, Tomás had hit a home run and was the batting leader.

The place Full Swing (about Cuban baseball) echoed Tomás’ crowning as the most valuable player in the Arco del Pacífico League. The Cuban is the seventh slugger from the Cañeros to win the Hector Espino Trophyan award given to the league’s most valuable player since 1945.


What happened in the league final?

On Saturday, January 21, the Los Mochis Cañeros started off on the right foot by beating the Algodoneros by nine runs to six. The man from Havana, who played for Industriales, scored one of the runs when the game was tied. A rally of six runs in the fourth inning put the Green Force, another of the nicknames of the Cañeros, ahead. Then, Juan Uriarte hit a home run, taking Tomás and his partner Rodolfo Amador ahead.

Los Mochis are trying to break a 20-year streak without winning a championship and have started off at a good pace. On Sunday, January 22, they played their second game at their home stadium, Chevron Park™, ​​and won again on an unforgettable night for the fans.

The Cañeros de Los Mochis left the Algodoneros de Guasave lying on the field by hitting a pair of home runs in the bottom of the ninth inning to finish, winning three runs for two. yasmany Tomás returned to producing at bat and gave a hit.

The last game was played at the home of the Algodoneros de Guasave this Tuesday and ended with a victory for the locals who whitewashed their rivals (10-0). In addition to great pitching work, the Algodoneros were unstoppable at bat: 14 hits, which included a triple and a home run by Jesse Castillo, as well as three RBIs by Alejandro Ortiz

This January 25 the fourth meeting will be held; and a fifth game will be played on Thursday of this week. If there was a need for a sixth game, the series would return to the headquarters of Los Mochis, in Sinaloa.

Tomás and his desire to play for Cuba

The Mexican winter league champion will play in the Venezuela-based Caribbean Series. The series will feature the champions of Colombia, Cuba, Curacao, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the host, Venezuela. It is considered the most important baseball tournament in Latin America and the Caribbean.

If he continues his winning streak, Tomás’ cast would face the team of his native country in said tournament. Precisely the old industrialist yearns to wear the uniform of the four letters again. After learning that he would not be selected to integrate the Cuban pre-selection for the next World Classic, he expressed how disappointed he felt about it.

“I was willing to join Cuba because I wanted to give my father that satisfaction, I wanted to cooperate with my teammates. I was excited to go but they didn’t call me, nothing happens. I wish my teammates (Cubans) the best, that they manage to form a great team and can advance ”, express Tomás, former Arizona Diamondbacks patrolman, to the journalist and sports commentator Julita Osendi.

At the moment, Tomás is two games away from winning a tournament that the fans have longed for for 20 years, and also from reaching the most important tournament in the region, an unquestionable boost to return to the big leagues. But nothing is written until he falls on out 27.

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