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Cuban Trade Authorities deny rumors about the decrease in regulated products

The Ministry of Domestic Trade of Cuba (Mincin) officially denied an alleged regulation that was circulating these days on social networks, according to which the delivery of a group of products to the population would be restricted.

Through its Twitter profile, the Mincin authorities point out that the information that simulated a resolution allegedly adopted by that body, linked to the decrease in several regulated foods that are distributed through the well-known supply book, is false.

According to what was published on the networks, the supposedly planned and now denied decrease affected products in high demand for Cubans, such as chicken, eggs, sugar and rice, the latter replaced in part by flour.

The official note states that these rumors respond to a “disinformation strategy to generate discomfort in the population in the midst of the tense economic situation that the country is going through”

For several months, several documents or rumors related to the supply book, as well as to different products associated with said document, which have been denied by the Island authorities.

As a result of the economic regulation and due to the economic crisis that the country is experiencing, the supply booklet has functioned as a regulatory mechanism in the delivery of goods arriving in the country through humanitarian aidas well as to establish greater control over the sale of essential products that were previously marketed freely.

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