Serguei Torres. Foto: International Canoe Federation.

Cuban rowers will seek nine medals in the Canoeing World Cup finals

The five Cuban canoeists competing in the Canoeing World Cup today will seek nine medals in six A finals of the event held in the Polish city of Poznan.

The Creole rowers Yarisleidis Cirilo, Khaterin Nuevo, Serguei Torres, and José Ramón Pelier, as well as the newcomer at that level, Tabiani Diéguez Álvarez, are the protagonists of this day.

Cirilo and Nuevo will fight for the medals in the single-seater canoe (C-1) at 200 meters and in the two-seater canoe (C-2) at 200 and 500 meters.

Torres, who was champion at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the C-2 at 1,000 meters, and Pelier will meet in the C-1 at 1,000 and 5,000 meters. Diéguez Álvarez will row the C-2 at 500 meters with Pelier.

The five Cubans are trying to equal or better the performance they had last weekend, when they finished in sixth place by country at the World Cup in Recise, Czech Republic, with two gold medals, two silver medals and one gold medal. bronze.

The gold medals were in the C-2 at 200 meters, with Cirilo and Nuevo, and the C-1 at 200 meters (Cirilo). The silver ones were achieved by the pair of Cirilo-Bueno, in the C-2 at 500 meters, and Pelier, in the C-1 at 5,000 meters, modality and distance in which Torres obtained the bronze.

Ahead of Cuba (2-2-1) were Spain (3-4-2), China (3-2-2), Germany (3-2-1), Ukraine (3-2-1) and Poland ( 2-2-2).

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