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Cuban regime extends the deadline for importing power plants

Régimen, plantas eléctricas

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban regime extended until March 31, 2023 the deadline for importing —non-commercial— power plants with a power of more than 900 watts, they reported today official media of the island.

The measure was registered in the Resolution 328/2022 of the Ministry of Finance and Prices and was published in the Official Gazette No. 87 Extraordinary, dated December 26, 2022.

The authorization of the non-commercial import of power plants with power greater than 900 watts was issued at the beginning of September of this year and gave free rein to the shipment of this equipment by air, sea, and through postal and courier services.

The Resolution 38/2022 of the Ministry of Finance and Prices highlights that the extension of the term “is intended to provide for special treatment and allow its importation for cases of shipments abroad before or during this deadline, are in transit and arrive in the country afterward” .

It was signed by the Minister of Finance and Prices, Meisi Bolaños, and will enter into force on January 1, 2023.

In mid-August last, a series of customs regulations came into effect that allowed up to two power plants to be imported into Cuba as part of the accompanied luggage, taking into account the value and power so as not to exceed the permitted limits.

The island’s authorities clarified that the modification was due “to the affectations in the residential sector that still persist, as a result of the energy deficit caused by breakdowns in the national electric power system.”

However, it should be noted that the commercial sector was also affected by the country’s energy crisis. Among the victims are the self-employed, who have seen their businesses affected, for which many of them have had to resort to the purchase of a power plant to guarantee the generation of electricity.

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