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Cuban priest to Pope Francis: “We didn’t want to know about his relations with Raúl”

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MIAMI, United States.- The Cuban priest Fernando Gálvez published on his social networks a letter he sent to Pope Francis, in which he asks him to “listen” to the Cuban people “who die in the claws of the Wolf that is the Communist Party of Cuba ”.

In the letter, the Cuban father assures the Supreme Pontiff that “he has been wrong about Cuba,” referring to the recent interview in which the leader of the Catholic Church said that he had “a human relationship with Raúl Castro.”

“Holy Father, about your relations with Raúl, we did not want to know”, pray the letter of the Cuban priest, in which he also recalls the massive anti-government protests that shook the island just a year ago.


Below, we reproduce in full the letter from Fernando Gálvez to Pope Francis:

Holy Father, Francis:

Since last night I have a “revolution” of feelings in my heart. I don’t know, right now, what has more strength in me, if the anger and indignation, or the disappointment and sadness due to the feeling of abandonment and orphanhood.

Upon returning from the demonstration to commemorate the events of July 11 in Cuba, I find in the news a fragment of his interview in which he alludes to Cuba on the occasion of this date. Holy Father, once again, I think you have made a mistake with Cuba.

I would like everyone to understand that this interview and the issue that concerns me now enters the field of the debatable. There are dismayed Cubans, this is the reason why I feel free to express myself dissonantly. I do it as a priest and son of the Church and knowing that we are one body. I am not located across the street, nor am I questioning his pontificate, nor his magisterium, nor the government of the Church. Doctors has Holy Mother Church who will know about it. I am just a poor priest, common and sinful, who struggles daily to respond faithfully in the midst of many internal and external battles. At the same time, and in the midst of my insignificance, I vibrate and burn between two fires: the Church and Cuba.

Throughout today I have received a large number of calls and messages to question it and I have only been able to remain silent and feel ashamed. I no longer have how to defend you in your position towards Cuba, I no longer know how to be a bridge between so many men of good will who want the good for Cuba and the Holy Mother Church that you lead. I am sure that many brother priests feel the same way because they have also expressed it to me throughout the day.

Holy Father, about your relations with Raúl, we did not want to know. It was not necessary, we even assumed it. We already have enough pain. But let me tell you one thing: the one with whom you maintain a human relationship has shown us Cubans that he does not know humanity. I will not mention the barbarities that he has done during these more than 60 years.

Just look at the hundreds of prisoners imprisoned solely for going out into the street to shout FREEDOM. Holy Father, some are minors. Look at the situation in which some brothers live the faith, some harassed and persecuted for being faithful to the truth while spending their lives carrying the Gospel of Christ, whether they are laity, religious, or priests. Look at the crisis that the Cuban people are experiencing due to the lack of food and medicine, and the lack of freedoms that violate human dignity. On the verge of hopelessness.

Why didn’t he say anything about it? Holiness. Is that partisan ideology? I think it is humanity. Talking about other political contexts is perhaps more comfortable for you because of what you have had to live with throughout your life, but these are your children too, look at them in their truth, in their real conditions, not in the idea you have of that Cuba “symbol”.

Why does the case of the injustices of the Cuban government always seem to be relegated to your agenda? How many times have we waited for the words that will give us back our trampled dignity! If you, the great Father, do not defend us, who will?

If you love us as you say and want to be a shepherd with the smell of Cuban sheep, really get close to those who have no voice in my suffering land, those on the periphery. Listen to the clamor of your people dying in the claws of the Wolf that is the Communist Party of Cuba. Do not believe the lies of this wolf who knows very well about disguises.

You are right when you say that this communist accusation is out of date. Communism in practice I think does not exist, thank God. From experience we know that only his dire traces remain and his name is used by opportunists who need a discourse that seduces and lulls the people to sleep, once possessing them, subjecting them to his whim and whim. That is what is happening in Cuba. You will then understand the pain of the Cubans when listening to your words, in my opinion, misguided.

I beg you, in the name of God and in favor of the people entrusted to you as pastor of the Universal Church, to be interested in the people of Cuba, to look at us with justice and truly listen to the oppressed. Let them realize that listening only to the voice of their rulers and those who have the minimum guarantee is betraying the poor of the Lord and you are calling to be their defender.

This is my plea: Listen everyone.

Your child in Christ:


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