Delfín Prats

Cuban poet Delfín Prats receives the 2022 National Literature Award

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban poet, narrator and translator Delfín Prats received this Wednesday the National Literature Award, an award given annually to outstanding personalities who have made contributions to the world of letters on the Island.

A native of Holguín, Prats has been the author of titles as Language of the dumb, To celebrate the rise of Icarus, Five shipments to grove, open the constellations, amatory lyric, splendor and chaos, Striptease and eclipse of souls, temporary exileY The hurricane and the palm. Anthology of Cuban poetry.

state agency Latin Press It is worth noting that Delfín Prats’ texts have been published by publishers, magazines and anthologies in several countries and translated into Italian, French, English and German.

According to the official media, the award jury was headed by the writer Abel Prieto, president of Casa de las Américas de Cuba, and was also attended by Rigoberto Rodríguez Entenza, Enrique Pérez Díaz, Cira Romero and Julio Travieso, the latter chosen National Literature Award 2021 and to whom the next Book Fair 2023 will be dedicated.

Delfín Prats, 77, had been in the news a few days ago after being the victim of a assault when he was at home in the province of Holguín.

The theft complaint against the writer was made by his friend and also poet Ghabriel Pérez.

“According to what he told me, with fear in his eyes and a trembling voice, they brought him the backpack that they had bought for him at the Book Center. His big concern is that they tried to take the computer. But he prevented it with his screams,” Pérez said in a post posted on Facebook.

Prats’s friend had previously denounced the deplorable living conditions in which the writer found himself.

Delfín Prats was censored at the end of the 1960s for the title Language of the dumb. After receiving the David Award, the book was collected and destroyed by the authorities. In 1971 he was sent to a UMAP camp for being homosexual.

Prats did not publish again in Cuba until 1987, the year in which it appeared To celebrate the rise of Icaruswinner of the National Critics Award.

Part of the history of the outstanding writer appears reflected in the film Santa and Andrewalso censored by the regime, by director Carlos Lechuga.

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