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Cuban mother explodes in networks against leaders: “Sell the country”

MIAMI, United States.- The young Cuban Amelia Calzadilla unleashed her frustration against the country’s leaders through a direct Facebookin which he initially blamed the Minister of Energy and Mines, Nicolás Liván Arronte Cruz, for the high sums of money he must pay monthly for electricity service.

In the video, broadcast this Thursday and lasting just over eight minutes, Calzadilla explained that, since July 2021, when the government changed the electricity rates in the country, she pays 6,000 pesos for electricity at home, among other things. things because you can’t cook with gas “because 10 years ago, the buildings they built in Calzada de Buenos Aires and Consejo Arango, neither the Minister of Energy and Mines nor anyone cared that they had gas.”

Calzadilla, a mother of three school-age children on the island, expressed her frustration at high electricity prices in a country where wages can barely pay for family meals.

“The resources do not belong to the people?”, he questioned himself, “that is not what the socialist state company says. Until when will the people continue to pay for your comforts? You have read in the dictionary what the word minister means, it means a public official who serves others, ”she said, visibly distressed.

“In July of last year I paid 6,000 pesos for electricity. In my house they cut off the electricity every Wednesday, my daughters, who are of school age, stop going to school because I have nothing to cook with, because the gas company does not give me the service, neither manufactured gas nor liquefied gas,” he said.

“I am not blaming the people below, the people of the Cerro municipality, I am blaming those who lead here,” he added, “because you, Minister of Energy and Mines, who have your pockets full with the salary of the people It is in your hands to solve this problem”.

The young woman assured that “I am no longer interested in the police or the DTI coming for me, I don’t care because I don’t steal from anyone or live with what anyone gives me, I’m fed up.”

Calzadilla, who according to the description of his Facebook profile studied Foreign Languages, said that at any moment he gets nervous because his children do not have food, shoes or medicine, and he has to wait for help from his family in the outside to live with dignity.

“Díaz-Canel, you said that you were going to sell the dollar at a single currency of 24 pesos, and today I pay the dollar at 110 Cuban pesos so that my children can take a snack to school. You know what, they’re not going to study anymore, and I don’t care. Come take me prisoner”.

Against the Cuban dictator he continued, and criticized the speed with which he resolved the Saratoga tragedy. “How come they are building hotels?”

“Bruno, your click is to solve the problem, not to go to the town, I’m not going to go back to my children to tell them that there are no medicines. Lis, your opinion doesn’t count, your grandson doesn’t matter to me, your life doesn’t matter to me, if you love Díaz-Canel or not, we don’t care.

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