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Cuban migrants are the third who have crossed the Darién the most in 2022

Madrid Spain.- The Cuban migrants who have crossed the Darién Jungle this year, located on the border between Panama and Colombia, came to occupy the third position in April of the nationalities that use this migratory route to reach the United States. They are only surpassed by Venezuelans and Haitians.

“So far, about 19,000 migrants have entered Panama. We continue with a majority of irregular migrants of Venezuelan nationality, the Haitian being the second and the Cuban the third”, he specified this weekend through Twitter the director of the National Migration Service (SNM) of Panama, Samira Gozaine.

According to SNM data, from January to March 2022, a period in which Cuba was in fourth position, a total of 13,425 irregular migrants crossed the Darién, of which 4,257 were from Venezuela, 1,589 from Haiti, 1 164 from Senegal and 1,065 from Cuba.

Since the Cuban migrant crisis of 2015-2016, Panama receives Caribbean people who arrive irregularly at migratory reception stations (ERM) located on the southern border, with Colombia, and on the north, with Costa Rica. There they take their data and offer them health care and food.

During the year 2021, more than 133,000 migrants crossed the Darién Jungle, a historical figure and similar to that registered in the entire previous decade, according to data collected by the Panamanian authorities.

Last March, the Cuban Alexis Monrabal Rodríguez, repatriated to Cuba from Mexico, explained that he spent “seven days to cross the Darien jungle, one of the most impassable and dangerous in Latin America.”

Monrabal Rodríguez had left the island in 2019 for Guyana and after arriving in Brazil he settled there for a while.

The search for better working conditions led him to continue the journey in which he toured several Latin American countries until he was kidnapped in Mexico by drug traffickers and later rescued by police forces, according to a report by the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

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