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June 12, 2023
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Cuban has spent almost 24 hours trapped in a well collapsed by the rains

MADRID, Spain.- Cuban Fernando Herrera Ramírez, 63 years old, fell into a 45-foot-deep well around 10:00 am this Sunday and has not yet been rescued.

Herrera Ramírez was carrying out maintenance on the well together with her stepson, and due to the high humidity of the rainy the earth fell off, which left it almost buried, according to the official media outlet Telecrystal, that has kept reporting on the fact.

The well is located in the town of Mícara, Frank País municipality in the province of Holguín.

Photo: Telecristal

Due to the depth and characteristics of the well, forces of the 30th Command, together with the Rescue and Salvage Unit of the Pedro Soto Alba of the municipality of Moa, have not been able to rescue it.

In the early hours of this Monday, the Rescue and Rescue Group managed to pass oxygen to Fernando Herrera, who has resisted under these circumstances for almost 24 hours.

“The MoaTV Telecentre cameraman, Alexudis Leyet, has just informed us by telephone that they have not yet had visual contact with Fernando Herrera, but they can hear him getting closer and closer, he has asked for water,” he said in one of his publications. Telecrystal.

Photo: Telecristal

“They speak more and more clearly, easily and frequently with Fernando while they continue extracting slabs and earth,” the information adds.

In the shared images, a large number of people are observed in the surroundings of the area, pending the rescue.

Doctors and paramedics also remain at the scene, waiting for the moment when Fernando Herrera can be rescued.

Cuban has spent almost 24 hours trapped in a well collapsed by the rains
Photo: Telecristal

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