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Cuban government circulates public transport buses without ventilation

Madrid Spain.- The buses recently donated by Belgium to Cuba for public transport are circulating in Havana without ventilation, in one of the hottest months of the year.

Due to the complaints of the population, the Provincial Transport Company of Havana issued an informative note in Facebook explaining that “the air conditioning they have does not support the high temperatures of the country”.

According to the entity, work is being done “from the coupling of disarmament bus windows.”

In this sense, he explained that it is intended to change three windows to the rigid cars and five to the articulated ones.

The Provincial Transport Company also argued that due to the difficult transport situation in the country, it was decided to start up these buses and at the same time solve the climate problem.

“The donated buses are not new, they were manufactured in 2007. They have been in operation for 14 years, which is well preserved and with a high technological level. They have presented technical breakdowns, which, with the collaboration of the province’s repair bodies, are being worked on to solve, “adds the note.

“There is no one who rides at 12 noon in a bus of that type”; “I had the bitter experience of taking route p16 today and honestly it is inhumane to have put into service those buses that do not have any ventilation. We were all in a sea of ​​sweat”; “We are not the only country that has these temperatures and in all of them there is air-conditioned transport precisely for that reason”; users comment.

The buses donated by Belgium were received on June 24 and began to circulate on July 4 on routes P12 and P16.

At the end of June, the Cuban authorities reported that only 40% of the urban buses in Havana were providing services.

Already in April, the First Deputy Minister of Transportation, Marta Oramas Rivero, had declared that Havana was going through the worst crisis transportation in the last decade.

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