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Cuban Freemasons make a special request to Díaz-Canel: commemorate May 20

HAVANA, Cuba.- While Miguel Díaz-Canel expressed through a tweet that “only the annexationists can celebrate May 20”, the Cuban Freemasons asked this ruler to incorporate the date at the national level to commemorate it. All this happened in the Grand Lodge of Cuba during the commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the birth of the Republic.

“It is from the new Constitution, approved in 2019, that the structure of the State and the Government change. There is now a President of the Republic and a Prime Minister of the Republic. It is then fair and necessary for Cuba and Cubans, that the commemoration of this date be incorporated again into the national sphere for knowledge, its scope and with national accompaniment”, said speaker Jorge Loreto Menéndez, member of the Puritan Lodge, in the main oratory of the evening.

Cuban Freemasonry thus made a formal request to Miguel Díaz-Canel because, in its annual session held on December 13, 2020, he took agreement number 31 to include the date of May 20 in the Masonic calendar and that it be commemorated by all. the masons.

“There is no need to demonize the date or make it part of a list of forgetfulness in a kind of cultural historical limbo. We should discuss whether it is celebrated or commemorated and how to do it. We must not forget that the date had its own historicity developed for more than 61 years, functioned as a national holiday and has served as a basic reference for the beginning of republican society”, pronounced the venerable brother Loreto Méndez.

José Ramón Viñas Alfonso, Sovereign Grand Commander (SGC) of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree for the Republic of Cuba, told CubaNet that Freemasonry is the institution that has contributed the most to the freedom, democracy and independence of Cuba.

“This was proposed by Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring, the greatest historian that Havana has had, along with Roger Fernández Callejas, another historian (Freemason), at the First National Congress of History and this was unanimously determined,” explained the SGC, whom he was recently denied leaving the country.

With regard to May 20 and the importance of this date for Masons, the leader of one of the two high-ranking Masonic bodies on the Island states that precisely on that date, when the Republic of Cuba was officially declared 120 years ago, no Freemasons such as Máximo Gómez only participated on the Cuban side, “but also on the side of Spain and the United States.”

“The first president of the Republic of Cuba, Don Tomás Estrada Palma, was a Mason. Cuban Masons participated in the creation of the national anthem, the Cuban flag, the shield. Perucho Figueredo, Miguel Teurbe Tolón, Narciso López… all were giving drops for the formation of the day of the Republic”, added Viñas Alonso.

Likewise, on May 20, Jorge Loreto Menéndez left open to Masons and those who visited the Great Masonic Temple during the commemoration, a question: a glorious or ominous date? The request of the freemasons to the ruler of Cuba to commemorate it, confirms the first.

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