Cuban freediver with two silver medals and Pan American record in the World Championship

The Cuban Lemay Gutiérrez achieved two silver medals and a Pan American record in the World Apnea Championship with a stage in Kuwait.

This Friday, the Antillean freediver became world runner-up in the dynamic modality with monofin. For this he covered 213 meters in 3:00 minutes in a 50-meter pool, according to review the digital site Hit.

Gutiérrez, with extensive experience in this sport, was satisfied with the result obtained in what he described as his preferred modality and “in which I am strongest.”

“I am super happy because in addition to the medals I set a national and Pan-American record,” said the athlete, quoted by the publication.

“In those medals there is a lot of sacrifice from those who helped me build them. I’m not saying names so that no one is left out, but there are family, friends and co-workers. That is why they also belong to them,” said the 50-year-old from Mayabé.

In his first performance in the world event, the first by a Cuban in a competition of this magnitude, Gutiérrez covered 121 meters in 3:00 minutes in the pool in the dynamic apnea modality without equipment. In this way, he placed fourth in the competition.

However, in his next presentation, in the dynamic test with bifin, he reached 195 meters and 68 centimeters in three minutes and 19 seconds. Thanks to this, he got his first silver metal, a performance that he repeated this Friday in the monofin mode.

More than 350 freedivers from 45 nations participated in the Kuwait World Championships, says Hit.

Sports apnea or free diving is a discipline that is based on the voluntary suspension of breathing in the water.

According to Specialized media, has three main modalities: static, in which you hold your breath in the water without moving; the dynamics, in which the aim is to travel as many meters underwater horizontally in a pool; and depth, which consists of descending as many meters as possible with a single breath.

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