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Cuban family in Indaya: “Here is the hard thing and in the East it is worse”

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Havana Cuba. – The rains last weekend in the capital increased the concern of Liuver Soto Hechavarría and his wife, a family with “terrible” living conditions. living place who resides on the banks of the Quibú River, in the settlement Indayalocated in the Marianao municipality.

“We live in tremendously bad conditions, on the banks of the river [Quibú], which when it grows penetrates the house. The roof gets wet; in fact I have to put a nylon on the roof, where the bed is, so that my daughter does not get wet. Sometimes I even have to put her in the car and move her to a corner so she doesn’t get wet, ”said Soto Hechavarría.

The interviewee also warned about the danger that his family faces daily due to the constructive situation of the house. “The blocks on the walls are practically loose because they are assumed; we are exposed to a catastrophe that could occur because the house could fall at a certain moment”, he pointed out.

The 42-year-old man, who moved from Oriente to Havana in search of a better life, said he felt “stubborn” because of the shortcomings and difficulties with which he and his family live. “There [Oriente del país] there were no conditions to live, it is much more difficult than here and although things are hard, there it is worse”, he assured.

Soto Hechavarría indicated that she fears for the immediate future of her children. “In Cuba there are no living conditions; the Cuban fights and fights for nothing,” he said.

Many Cubans residing in the eastern part of the country emigrate to Havana in search of economic improvement, even when this implies being declared by the authorities as “illegal” residents in their own country of origin.

Indaya, in the Marianao municipality, is one of the numerous “illegal” settlements that exist in the capital. Despite the refusal of the regime to build houses in this area, there are more and more of the so-called “come and put”, houses built with scraps of zinc and cardboard.

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