Cuban Entrepreneur Denounces Harassment by State Security

MIAMI, United States.- Cuban human rights activist Iván Mora, a resident of Santiago de Cuba, denounced before the Palenque Vision cameras the harassment he has been a victim of by State Security.

The political position of this Cuban entrepreneur has put him in the sights of the repressive forces of the regime, which has not stopped threatening him since he joined the opposition in 2014, when he participated with his deceased brother in the Singing for Freedom contest. , who will organize the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU).

Mora denounced that on July 12 he was arrested in his own home, in front of his parents, who are of legal age, and his carpentry workshop was practically destroyed as a way of leaving him without his economic income.

That day they threatened him, raided his home without prior authorization and took him to the police station without even a citation.

“They went to my house, and they told me that officer Aliesky, from State Security, wants to see me. But I record the moment I am arrested. Then they see that I am filming and the police officer gets upset and tells me that if there is a photo of him circulating on social media, the problem is going to be personal.”

“The officer tried to take my phone away from me,” says Mora, “which I did not allow because they did not come with any order. When I arrived at the Unit, the State Security officers were waiting for me. There, in an office, they threatened me, as always, and I also suffered physical and psychological abuse.”

Iván Mora assures that he recorded the arrest because in recent years he has been the victim of disappearance threats and summonses by State Security.

“When they entered the house to steal my workshop, since they don’t know anything about it, they finished everything, they broke everything. They came not only to close my workshop, but to do me economic damage in retaliation for my way of thinking, ”he said.

Mora is convinced that the freedom of Cuba depends on the Cuban people themselves, and that the recent social unrest is a sign that the people are beginning to rebel against the dictatorship.

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