Cuban dancer and choreographer Carlos Acosta receives an award in Switzerland

The Cuban dancer and choreographer Carlos Acosta will receive during the 50th edition of the Prix de Lausanne the lifetime Achievement Award of 2023, awarded by the organizers of the prestigious event in recognition of his talent and outstanding artistic career.

“For this 2023 edition, the Prix de Lausanne has the incredible honor of receiving the Cuban dancer and director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Carlos Acosta,” says one publication on the official page of the contest.

The text recalls that Acosta was the Winner of the Gold Medal in the 1990 call and considers it “a true symbol of success.”

The organizers value as a “mission accomplished” the designation of recognition to the director of the company Acosta Dance and they maintain that the delivery of the award to the artist will be a moment of “particular emotion”.

The publication highlights that Acosta participated in the contest while he was studying at the National Ballet School in Havana, and that although the Gold Medal is a distinction that does not currently exist, this recognition marked for him and many others a talent judged “almost beyond of competition”.

For his part, the Cuban expressed that he feels extremely honored with the distinction and considered that his foray into the Prix de Laussane meant the beginning of his career as a dancer.

«I know that other young dancers will feel the same. It’s a chance to be seen by directors and to show what you’re capable of in the world of ballet, and it’s just a beautiful tradition,” she added.

At the request of the publication, Acosta advised the young dancers to always continue looking for the stars and to be disciplined. «Many young dancers get lost in the world of social media, which is just a distorted reality. To be able to do fouettés endless does not make you an artist, so never stop improving and working on your art, “he said.

After winning the Prix de Lausanne, Acosta’s career as an international artist took off until he joined the Royal Ballet of London, in the United Kingdom, as well as being a guest artist for other companies such as the American Ballet Theatre, the Houston Ballet and the English Ballet. National Ballet.

The also member of the Board of Governors of The Royal Ballet School and director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet since 2020, recently announced his return to the stage of the Royal Opera House in London as part of the celebrations for his half century of life.

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