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Cuban convicted of throwing leaflets denounces lack of evidence

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HAVANA, Cuba.- Ruslán Hernández Reyes, who has been a prisoner since July 2021, denounces that he was sentenced to two years in prison for the alleged crime of enemy propaganda in retaliation for launching leaflets against the dictatorship.

The prisoner points out that the trial was held on June 28, 2022 at the Popular Municipal Court of Marianao, located on Calle 100 y 33. He also stresses that when he arrived at the scene he noticed that the entire area around the court was completely militarized. .

Ruslán Hernández Reyes adds that Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca (sentenced to six years in prison), Alien Tijerino Castro (three years) and Yusniel Milián González (who was released) were also sanctioned in the same case, and emphasizes that despite the condemned the prosecutor could not prove the crime of enemy propaganda because there was no evidence against them.

Hernández Reyes details that all of them were summoned on June 4 through social networks by an individual named Ignacio, who first summoned them to the Central Park and once there called them to change the meeting point to another nearby park. Upon arriving at the place, the individual informed them of the reason for the meeting while his wife filmed them with her mobile. He also gave them the leaflets that they had to distribute and that they were throwing on Monte Street, near the El Gallo store.

The prisoner emphasizes that during the hearing, Ignacio’s partner declared that he had forced her to film the video (which was presented at the trial, although it did not show them in the act). It also highlights that the individual did not appear in court nor was any other reference made to him during the process despite the fact that he allegedly faced a prosecutor’s request for 3 years in prison.

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