Cuban baseball player excluded from the Clásico asks to leave baseball “for economic reasons”

MIAMI, United States. — The catcher, initial baseman and outfielder from Las Tunas Rafael Viñales, one of the mainstays of the selection of that province in recent years, assured that he will not participate in the next National Baseball Series due to the economic problems that faces.

Viñales, who was not summoned to the World Classic, did not join the training sessions of the Las Tunas team for the next domestic competition. As a result of his absence, he was interviewed by sports journalist Orlando Cruz, from the Tunas Visión telecenter, to whom he made his motives clear.

“I’m not thinking of joining the team, that’s mainly based on the fact that in recent times, despite my results, I don’t think I’ve been taken much into account,” said the young man.

Although Viñales did not hide his disappointment at not having been taken into account for the Clásico, he assured that the main reason for his loss is the economic situation that he and his family are going through.

“The other part, which is the main one, is the economic situation we are in. It is something very uncomfortable, very difficult, it seems to me that I am not going to solve it there, so I am going to have to dedicate myself to other things that allow me to help my family”, the player told Tunas Vision.

Viñales, however, made it clear that the situation could be reversed if he received the help he needed. Similarly, he opened the door to a possible foray into a foreign league, although he has received no offers.

“If something appears, I am going to take it, because I will continue playing baseball, some contract or something that can come to me. I’m going to keep training, not with the team but on my part, if I catch it, if not, I’ll dedicate myself to doing something else,” said the player, referring to the possibility of playing outside of Cuba.

Rafael Viñales made his debut with Las Tunas in the 50th National Series (2010-2011 season). Since then, he has been a mainstay of the teams in that province, reaching the crown in 58 National Series.

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