Cuban Aviation Club cancels ties with a similar US group

The club of Aviation of Cuba (Cac) announced through a statement, quoted this Friday by the island’s media, the cessation of its sports ties and of any nature with Team Eagle, a similar group of the USA.

The text, reviewed by the agency Latin Press (PL), points out that the action was agreed upon in the face of repeated demonstrations by this group, with which they had exchange agreements, “in support of the latest aggressive escalation from the United States of America against Cuba,” which began with the massive protests July of last year.

The direction of the Cac reported the indefinite cessation of any sports relationship in Cuban airspace with six members of Team Eagle, due to their participation in activities to encourage events “against the stability and order of Cuban society,” according to add the medium.

The board of directors of this air sports association in Cuba called on all practitioners of this activity to stop supporting what they consider “an absurd political adventure of Team Eagle.”

The Cac clarified that this provision does not constitute an attempt to discriminate against Cubans because of their place of residence or their political beliefs, nor does it deny the possibility that Cubans residing abroad eventually form part of sports representations, in accordance with the laws from the country.

The note exposed the areas of cooperation that existed between both organizations until relations began to deteriorate due to what they consider an “aggressive attitude of members of Team Eagle from the events of July 11 of last year”, sometimes with direct calls for violence in Cuba, points out PL.

According to its Facebook profile, Cac is an association whose main objective is to organize, develop and control sports, aeronautical and astronautical activities in the national territory governed by the FAI International Aeronautical Federation.

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